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Pizza Italia

PIZZA ITALIA proposes hand-made quality pizzas, featuring adapted production and packaging means to meet both practical and fast criteria required in the go-food sectorr.

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Hand-made production

The Management team has chosen to reproduce the genuine Italian pizza dough, from Italian best-quality flours’ mix, and kneaded day by day according the state-of-the-art to guarantee the good rising, smoothness and crusting of our mid-thick pizza pies. On customer’s request, we can also carry out thin pizza pies… To go on top of our pizza pies, we prepare our balanced and fine flavored tomato sauce.

Quality products

Products being parts of our recipes are mostly fresh, carefully prepared and cut to ensure a rapid production while maintaining top quality level. All our products are stored and handled according to hygiene and traceability professional standards.

Adapted services 

You will find our service conditions, on the spot, take-away and on delivery, by clicking on the “Our Services” page. We can “customize” your pizza with additional ingredients to your convenience. (extra 0,50€ to 1,50€ per ingredient depending kind of ingredient) Upon day- before order, we prepare pizza-cocktail plates with approx 60 mini-portions to enjoy between friends…

Our Coordinates & Community

Time openings from Mar. 1 to Oct. 31


11:45 - 13:45    (except saturday and sunday)

18:30 - 22:00               (22:30 on week-ends)

Winter time openings

6/7   (closed on mondays)

11:45 - 13:45    (except saturday and sunday)

18:15 - 21:30               (22:00 on week-ends)

Annual closing from Dec 15 to Jan 31

Our Location

Les Vitrines du Soleil, RD 559
83310 Grimaud

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